Fathi Baladi (1961-1980)

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Fathi Baladi's Picture
Fathi Baladi's Picture

Puprose of Studies

The subject of our study is universally linked to the conscience of all human beings at all times. The existential anguish looses its significance in the presence of divine phenomena that anxiously attempt to understand the meaning of his life and the perspective of creation.

The immortality of the soul no longer constitutes a problem since the creation. Nothingness has already lost its existence. The alliance between Creator and creature must be respected from now on by virtue of the Divine Love. The resurrection of Christ is by itself a necessary and sufficient proof.

That is why Christ, in order to make his voice heard, the voice of salvation and holiness, raises up from time to time souls well disposed to fulfill this mission. He adorns them with graces and charisma, and instills in them his power to draw others. Fathi, as everything appears to indicate, was chosen from early childhood and adorned with gifts.

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