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Fathi Baladi's Picture
Fathi Baladi's Picture

Jean Paul II Letter

His Eminence Patriarch Maximus V Hakim presents His Holiness Pope John Paul II with the most relative work on the life of the Servant of God Fathi Baladi and his miraculous works.

His Holiness, with His great esteem for/ great affection for the Christian youth, sends a verbal message to Fathi's parents through His Excellency the Apostolic Nuncio Monsignor Pablo Puente during a private audience: "Fathi Baladi is always on my mind.""

His Excellency the Apostolic Nuncio Monsignor Pablo Puente, having received an important grace by the intercession of the Servant of God Fathi Baladi, preciously wears a relic that Fathi's mother had wanted to offer him on the occasion. Moreover, before leaving Lebanon, His Excellency had literally told her:

"Every time that you are before the tomb of the Servant of God Fathi Baladi, raise a special prayer for me.""

Father Daniel Ange
Excerpts from his work: "The Witnesses of the Future"
Collection: 'Jeunesse Lumiere'.
The 'Sarment Fayard-France' 1985

Fr. Daniel Ange is an eminent educator, concerned for the moral and spiritual well-being of youth.

Encouraged by the Holy See, he went around the world to select witnesses for Christ, in order to present them to today's youth. Out of eighteen countries he chose twenty five people who died in the odor of sanctity, including Fathi. The majority belong to the second half of our century.

He summarizes each one's life and death, spells out their characteristics and virtues, reproduces some writings and cites testimony. A dozen pages are reserved for Fathi.

Fathi Baladi
"In the arms of life, a heather in flowers"
Ann Ball
Excerpts from her work: "Young Faces of Holiness"
'Modern Saints in Photos and Words'
Our Sunday Visitor Publishing, copyright 2004

Huntington Indiana

Encouraged by her friend Father Campion Lally, O.F.M., Ann presented in this book brief sketches of the lives of many holy children and youth, all under the age of twenty.

Although many of the youth in this book suffered terribly with great physical pain before their deaths, they all have in common a heroic cheerfulness and spirit of giving. In the wisdom of their innocent youth, they provide clarity for our own path at the end of our days. In just a brief time, they have internalized the true joy of the cross -- the value of suffering -- and have lived in a constant effort to accept and follow God's will and His plan for them. Some are martyrs, such as Fathi... The child who spills his blood for Christ does not leave us in any doubt as to his sanctity. Fathi Abboud Baladi: A star from the East.

Joachim Bouflet
Excerpts from his work: "The Spring of God"
'Saints of Generation Jean-Paul II'
France, CLD Editions, 2005

Joachim Bouflet, historian, devotes himself to the study of religious mentalities. Consultant to the postulator of the Congregation for the causes of the saints, he is the author of works on several great spiritual figures and the mystical phenomena.

The saints and evoked speak to us by their life, also sometimes in their writings: it is to point out the influence exerted on the Christians of the 20th century by writings [...] from S.G. Fathi Baladi [...], it appeared useful to quote them [...]

To the 20th century, holiness is announced initially by the preeminence of martyrdom, like Jean-Paul II said in the encyclical: Tertio millenio adveniente. Fathi is one such martyr. Bouflet added: has he a presentiment that he is called to offer his life, not only by testimony of his faith and his charity, but in the gift of his life?

S.G. Fathi Baladi (Lebanon 1961-1980)

« Lord, do not abandon me…»

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